Rachelle Potter

Fresh Produce Wash

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Effectively removes unwanted chemical residue from fertilisers, dirt and bacteria. Helps extend the shelf life on produce. Clean fresh fruits and vegetables naturally with this plant-based, biodegradable concentrate. The all-natural formula contains no phosphates, sulfates or parabens so you can feed your family without worry.



Produce-fruits and veggies-can travel a long way and is usually transported in cardboard boxes with many people handling it before you bring it home from the grocery store. It’s dirty and could be coated with pesticides and other residues. You’d never feed that to your family without cleaning it first!


Say “goodbye” to unwanted residue, wax, dirt, chemicals, oils and bacteria by giving your produce a thorough cleaning with Fresh Produce Wash. Serve meals with the confidence that your family is eating nothing more than flavourful, healthy food.